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Fat Reduction Now in Sterling!

    Now In Sterling!!!
On account of client feedback, we have newly added our Fat Reduction/Body Contouring procedure at our Sterling spa location!  This non-invasive procedure uses Radio Frequency to reduce fat and shape your body, and we are now performing it at both our Sterling and Fairfax Spa locations.
We use the FDA approved and state of the art Alma Accent XL machine to perform Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening.  This machine emits radio frequency energy and has a relatively low intensity which means it is both safer and penetrates more deeply than some other energy sources. The energy is converted into heat just below the surface of the skin (the dermis), where it destroys cellulite, stimulates collagen growth (which removes wrinkles), and liquefies any fat that has accumulated at that depth. The fat is then eliminated through the body’s natural processes (the lymphatic system).
Reduction in circumference of one inch or more can be reasonably expected. More can be lost with continued or repeated treatments. Cellulite and wrinkles are reduced as well. We treat most parts of the body where fat accumulates or cellulite or wrinkles develop. The most popular areas are the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen, love handles (hips), thighs, and buttocks.
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