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Relaxing after Laser Treatment (1)

Have you ever had a day to just pamper yourself? To really be able to take the time and take care of yourself mentally, physically,and emotionally? I know that among the stresses of everyday life I could always use a break. I know when I’m walking out of Althea after a laser treatment I’m not really up for any responsibilities and definitely don’t want to be out and about. So I decided, why not take advantage of the situation? Why not take a medspa day and make it a “Me Day”? With that being said, sometimes we are so used to being such busy bees we could always use a gentle nudge in the right direction, so without further ado, here are six ways to relax post Althea laser treatment.

6. Have a delicious cup of tea and pair it with some music.


Along with that warm and cozy feeling, tea also has proven medicinal benefits. Different teas have different uses that range from helping your immune system to reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes. A great tea for relaxation is lavender, as it is said to be anti-inflammatory and could be used as a pain reliever. A nice accompaniment to your warm cup of tea is some relaxing classical or acoustic music. Pair those together and you’ve already got yourself a home spa day! However, it is important to keep in mind any allergies before using any herbal teas, and coffee is not recommended as its caffeine could make you jittery and is not good for nerves.


5. Treat yourself to a nice and warm bath to soothe and wash away any aches and pains.


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Taking warm baths not only has the emotional benefit of comfort, but also some physical benefits that are worth taking some time from your day to achieve. A warm bath can help with blood circulation, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure; just to name a few pros. You can even further help soothe yourself by using bath salts or bath bombs which can give a relaxing aroma along with pain relief from muscle aches after a long day. However, one should take care with the temperature and any products used in a bath/shower; you should always ask your technician if it is safe. It is not recommended to take any hot baths/showers after doing some laser treatments, and certain ingredients in products may give you the risk of being oversensitive to any laser treatments that you are having done (especially any products with acids).

4. Go back to the days of your childhood and get yourself an adult coloring book.


Go ahead and give into your nostalgia of when you were a kid, and give coloring another shot. Going back to coloring is a therapeutic experience that can help you cope with stress. And like the other things on this list, surprisingly, coloring not only has emotional benefits, but physical ones as well! Coloring is a great way to help your brain focus, it allows you to center your mind, and even exercises your fine motor skills. Through all the tension and tenseness in life, coloring is a fun and simple way to reconnect with your childhood and give your mind a break from all your anxieties.

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